Key Documents

Plans & Reports

Context Statement

A summary of our: general information, key policies, curriculum, staff, facilities, local community, partnership arrangements with other groups.

Annual Report

A report on our progress, achievements, highlights and challenges for the year.

Quality Improvement Plan

An assessment of the programs we offer against the National Quality Standard and national regulations. It identifies areas for improvement and includes our philosophy statement.

National Quality Standard Rating

Our services are assessed and rated against 7 quality areas of the National Quality Standard.

Overall Rating: Exceeding NQS

  • 1: Educational program and practice
  • 2: Children’s health and safety
  • 3: Physical environment
  • 4: Staffing arrangements
  • 5: Relationships with children
  • 6: Partnerships with families and communities
  • 7: Leadership and service management

Rating for:
Valley View Kindergarten

Rating issued: July 2015

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